The beats are sold through the Beatstars platform, a U.S. company that processes the payment and automatically sends the purchase. That is why the payment platform and the player are in English. In addition, the currency exchange is done automatically without any surcharges or complications for you.

When you make the payment, you will automatically receive the files you have purchased along with the license you have chosen in the email associated with your Paypal account.

It’s a way to protect my beats! To avoid unwanted uses. If you buy any of my beats, you will get the original files without those voices.

When you buy any of my beats, I send you the files unmastered, this gives you more dynamic range and room to include vocals. This translates into a better sound quality.

If so, please contact me through the form below or write to me at

Yes, the payment is made through the PayPal platform, which is currently the safest platform to make your online purchases. In addition, PayPal takes care of the currency conversion automatically.

No, the licenses are unique and non-transferable and in case of non-compliance with this point, the license you have purchased will be automatically terminated.

Having the beat tracks is the best thing to work with in the studio. You can adapt the beat to your song in a natural way and squeeze 100% out of the mixing process.

Yes, it is also the ideal way to grow progressively. For example, you can start with a standard license and upgrade to premium by paying the difference. To do so, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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