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Purchase beats with licenses for use.

When you buy beats online, you buy neither the authorship nor the ownership of the instrumental.


The leasing licensing system is the way in which I, as a producer, assign the NON-EXCLUSIVE rights of use of my instrumentals.


The leasing license of a beat can be sold repeatedly to different artists, this means that you do not buy the EXCLUSIVITY of that instrument but the right to use it with different conditions according to the type of license.


This type of licensing is the best way to invest in your music, especially at the beginning of your career, since the investment you need to make is much more affordable.

Below are the different types of licenses.
Choose yours!


The exclusive license is sold only once and grants the purchaser the sole and exclusive right to use the instrumentation.


The instrument will automatically cease to be for sale.

If a beat has been sold before with any of the available leasing licenses, the exclusive license for that instrument will not be available.


This license is normally for professional artists who need maximum flexibility and who want to exploit the rights to the song to the fullest extent possible.

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Mixing and mastering

The possibilities are enormous, tell me... What do you want to transmit?
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You have invested money in buying a beat, you have recorded your vocals, but the final result is not at all what you imagined… am I wrong?
It’s a shame that, after that big investment you’ve made, it all goes to waste because of a bad mix or lack of it.
Vocals are the most important factor in any song nowadays and, if you’re lost at this point, I’m sorry to tell you that it doesn’t work.
at this point, I’m sorry to tell you that no matter how the instrumental sounds, your song will be a disaster.

That’s why I offer you my mixing and mastering services, to highlight what you want to transmit, giving it personality and character at every stage of the process, putting each sound in its place, to achieve a really professional sound, the sound you are looking for.



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Every sound will be in its place, down to the smallest detail, everything clean and tidy!

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If you’re looking to sound a particular way, you can pass me a track as a reference from your favorite artist, for example.

Compra beats online

Power and definition. The commercial volume of the songs you listen to on the radio is also at your fingertips.

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To better manage this process, please fill out the form below, indicating which service you are interested in, and I will contact you myself so we can talk more calmly about the project you have in hand.

From any platform such as Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.
Don't worry! This is just the first step for me to get in touch with you and deal more personally with each client.


What do they say about me?

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F.A.Q and contact

Here you have the most frequently asked questions and the option to contact me.
Why is the price in dollars?

The beats are sold through the Beatstars platform, a U.S. company that processes the payment and automatically sends the purchase. That is why the payment platform and the player are in English. In addition, the currency exchange is done automatically without any surcharges or complications for you.

What will I receive when I make my purchase?

When you make the payment, you will receive an email with the files and the license you have chosen.

Why is a voice heard repeatedly in the beats?

It’s a way to protect my beats! To avoid unwanted uses. If you buy any of my beats, you will get the original files without those voices.

Why don't the beats I buy sound like they do in the player?

When you buy any of my beats, I send you the files unmastered, this gives you more dynamic range and room to include vocals. This translates into a better sound quality.

I have purchased a premium license or higher and the Youtube copyright has popped up, what should I do?

If so, please contact me through the form below or write to me at

Is the payment secure?

Yes, the payment is made through the Paypal platform, which is currently the safest platform to make your online purchases. In addition, Paypal takes care of the currency conversion automatically.

Can I give away/sell the beats I have purchased?

No, the licenses are unique and non-transferable and in case of non-compliance with this point, the license you have purchased will be automatically terminated.

What is the difference between having the beat in an MP3/WAVE file or in tracks?

Having the beat tracks is the best thing to work with in the studio. You can adapt the beat to your song in a natural way and squeeze 100% out of the mixing process.

Can I upgrade my license to a higher license in the future?

Yes, it is also the ideal way to grow progressively. For example, you can start with a standard license and upgrade to premium by paying the difference. To do so, please contact us by filling out the form below.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Fill out the form below. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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