My name is Oscar, a music producer from the city of Malaga, Spain.

In 2008 I started writing my first rap songs and since then I have let music shape my personality. In these 14 years I have gone from writing my own songs to helping in the process of creating other people’s songs. I have invested all my time and money in training with the most influential producers nowadays (Soma, Aisho, Gradozero, Crivas) and I have worked with different artists such as: Comandante Fly, Josefca, Golden Boyz and many more artists from my city.

I define myself as a person capable of adapting to the needs of others and my ultimate goal is that, to help you create your best song inspiring you with my instrumentals, to make tangible the feeling you want to convey, all this of course along with a close, friendly and professional treatment.

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Fenec - Harusame
Josefca - Volteretas
Oze - Soltando barras
Tore - Mujer fatal
Rayse - La última bala
Josefca - Palos